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Old character art


Here is the newest character art again, for reference. When compared to the old art, you can see that most elements such as coloring and clothing stayed the same. I got better at shading and drawing the folds on clothes though. 


There are several iterations of these characters I worked on, of which the second set is most similar to this one, with slightly different coloring and worse clothes. I also experimented a bit with face angles and expressions, before getting bored halfway (^^);

The two sets after are actually when I was thinking of them as younger characters, perhaps 10-12 years old. Initially SPIN OF FATE was going to be an adult fantasy that featured a wider age range of characters, including younger protagonists (Golden Compass style). Aina was meant to be the only kid character, but I drew Aranel and Meizan as kids just for fun. The most notable thing about these is that in one you can see a draft of Aranel's ornamental armor and grass cape that never made it to any of the other versions.

All images on this page can be used non-commercially.

For the three 'younger' full body images above, I used a software called VRoid to make references, which I then attempted to recreate on Procreate. I'm proud to admit that after much practice, I figured out how to draw this style without needing references, and the final pieces did not reference VRoid or any other software.

On the note of art I did without references, below are versions with different shading. These were also fairly recent but scrapped mostly on account of Aranel's hair, and also because I'm not sure I like how the blended highlights / shadows turned out.

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