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Of the Creation of the Universe


This section contains minor spoilers for the series in the context of world-building and pre-history.


Everything started with the void: a vast nothingness that stretched till the edges of physical existence. In this void came to exist two chitrons—spinning particles, similar to atoms in size and shape. Chitrons were the source of all conscious matter, including human souls. But there were no souls during this time.

As narrated in the holy scripture Chorus of Creation, the two chitrons spun in opposite directions, one clockwise and the other counterclockwise. For countless eons, they spun unhindered in the void, picking up speed till they each contained within them enough energy to power a thousand suns. The two chitrons’ eventual collision resulted in a massive explosion that destroyed a majority of their energy and caused the remainder to scatter across the void.

Beast birth

From a large portion of the scattered remnants, the seitarius (planetary beasts) were born: cosmic beings comprised entirely of chitronic energy. Several seitarius there were, ungendered and without name, although in later ages, humankind would attribute both to them, and they would be known as:

  • Sorken, the planetary megarya (winged dolphin)

  • Sherka, the planetary gazarou (grass wolf)

  • Azyaka, the planetary nagamor (peacock snake)

  • Andraken, the planetary vandraghor (demon roach)

While this next fact is oft overlooked in scriptures, it is important to note that none of the seitarius were comprised of entirely clockwise or entirely counterclockwise spinning chitrons. Rather they were each a mix of both, in varying ratios. In terms of ratio, the megarya had the highest proportion of clockwise chitrons and the vandraghor the least.


Labors of the seitarius

The seitarius then set about creating a world to live in, and their labors are described in the Chorus. Once this world—a single realm, the One Realm, situated outside the void—was created, the seitarius then birthed into it several offspring: great beasts that were far lesser in size and power than their planetary predecessors, but possessed a tiny portion of their mythical powers.

The soul plane and human birth

Coming back to the collision and explosion… not all the scattered energy became a part of the seitarius. A small portion came together to form a different kind of soul. Human souls. These went on to inhabit a plane of existence known as the soul plane, a mysterious place about which little to no information is available, although certain scholars believe it to be the birthplace of new souls.

After the seitarius created their realm outside the void, they wanted humans to be a part of it as well. Thus by their design, the void was repurposed to funnel human souls from the soul plane into the One Realm, whereupon they would enter mortal bodies in a process known as human birth.


Cycle of life and death

Human births were fleeting, at most lasting up till a century. Once a human’s mortal body became incapable of housing it due to injury or decay—a phenomenon known as death—the soul would exit the body and travel through the void, returning to the soul plane. From here, if the soul wished, it could be reborn in a new body. While in the soul plane human souls retained the memories of their previous births, these memories were temporarily lost for the duration of their existence in the One Realm.


A new era

Once the universe began working as per their design, the seitarius, now exhausted and possessing but a fraction of their original size and power, retreated to the depths of the world they had created: the One Realm into which they had poured such large amounts of their own being. Andraken the vandraghor burrowed into the darkest, deepest core of the world, while Azyaka the nagamor curled around the fiery mantle. Sherka the gazarou dug herself a cave in the crust. Freer than his siblings, Sorken the megarya fled to the skies and took residence inside the moon so he could orbit the earth from afar.

In these secret places the seitarius would hibernate for centuries on end… until some imbalance or disturbance awakened them from their slumber. And thus began the One Realm Era: where human and beast lived in harmony; and humanity thrived in spite, and perhaps thanks to, the cycle of life and death.

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