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Of the Four Realms

This section contains minor spoilers up till chapter 4 of SPIN OF FATE in the context of pre-history and world-building.

From one realm to four

To stop the total destruction of the universe that the great war of Kal Ekana had precipitated, the seitarius—reawakened from their slumber—split the one realm into four. Details regarding this event are hazy, but are narrated in the Song of Salvation, a holy scripture published centuries after the Chorus of Creation. Like the Chorus, the Song narrates historical events through eight verses containing eight lines each (eight, representing infinity, is considered an auspicious number).

The second half of Verse V of the Song narrates the aftermath of the separation through the following four lines:

And thus the realm was split to four by will of beast who made it:

two realms for those who relished gore, who sinned and harmed and hated;

two for those proven true and kind, their realms at peace, united.

And so the balance realigned, with fair and foul divided.

In a practical sense, several things happened during the split. Firstly, four realms were created with vastly different living conditions. Hover over each realm in the below image to learn more.


Mayana, realm of peace and prosperity. Every inch blossoms with a vibrant, wondrous beauty. Several of the kingdoms and natural features defy the laws of physics, particularly gravity. Souls with net positive soul-spins may reside in this realm. Disease and poverty have long since been eradicated.

Paramos, supreme realm of bliss. An idyllic place filled with a beauty that transcends the boundaries of human imagination. Reserved for the purest of souls, those unburdened by sin and vice.

Malin, realm of violence and misery. A dreary, war-torn land ravaged by the cruelty of both mankind and nature. The very air feels heavy, and little vegetation grows due to the extremes of temperature and water toxicity. It is a place of suffering for those with net negative soul-spins.

Narakh, lowest, vilest, basest of the realm, clogged with souls just as filthy. A place of eternal nightmares, its denizens reduced to almost insect-like existences as they crawl on their bellies, hunting for food.

A split based on soul-spins

Humans were split into one of the four realms based on the spins of their souls. See below table for details regarding approximate soul spin limits for each realm.

Estimated minimum soul-spin required to enter / exist within (rps*)


> +1 million


> 0


> -1 million


No limit

*rps refers to chitronic rotations per second, and is the standard metric for quantifying soul-spins.

The + sign refers to a net positive soul-spin (also known as forward or clockwise rotation)

The - sign refers to a net negative soul-spin (also known as a backward or clockwise rotation)

Realms, distances, and travel between

It should be noted that all visual representations of the four realms are but stylistic interpretations. It is impossible to verbalize the spatial relationship between the realms in terms comprehensible to the human grasp of physics; one might say they functioned as parallel, overlapping worlds of sorts, separated by a distance immeasurable in recognizable terms. However, they operated on the same timelines (that is, time passed at equal rates in each) and could be traversed either through mystical gateways known as torana, or through enforced descension.

Limits for travel

On the note of traversing realms: humans were able to enter any realm with a soul-spin limit lesser than or equal to their own average soul-spin. That is, a Paramosi with a soul-spin of +1.5 million rps could freely enter Mayana, Malin, and Narakh, if they chose, through a torana. A Mayani at +500 rps could similarly enter Malin and Narakh—but not Paramos, into which the torana would block them if they tried; a Malini at -500 rps could only enter Narakh, but not Mayana for which a positive soul-spin was needed; whereas Narakhi alone were restricted to their own realm.

Travel between realms was known as ascension (to higher) or descension (to lower). The mechanics of this are further detailed in Of Torana, Ascension, and Descension.

Unforeseen consequences on human souls

Two more changes occurred in human souls as a result—or perhaps unintended aftereffect—of the Great Toranic Separation. Although the cause is unknown, it is believed that something during the separation permanently altered soul function and human psyche resulting in human death ceasing to exist and humanity gaining immortality; and humanity gaining the ability to channel both the chitrons of their own souls, and the ambient ones of the environment, although the extent to which this was possible differed based on individual.

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