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The text contains minor spoilers for the series in terms of world-building.


The megarya is a mythical winged dolphin-like creature, native to Paramos. After the great war, it grew elusive and avoided humans, and is said only to approach those few it deems pure of heart. The planetary megarya, Sorken the Majestic, is one of the seitarius who created the realm.

The vandraghor is a demonic roach native to Narakh. During the One Realm Era, it ate humans that approached it and devoured a clan to extinction. Andraken the Undaunted is one of the seitarius who created the realm, and is said to have countless toothed eyeballs and squirming legs each the size of a tree.

The nagamor is a peacock snake native to Malin. Meeting its bloody gaze triggers intense, hyperrealistic hallucinations that pack years of perceived suffering into minutes, often making the victim relive their worst memories. The planetary nagamor, Azyaka the Fierce, is one of the seitarius who created the realm.

The gazarou is a grass wolf, native to Mayana. Its fur has miraculous healing properties, including anesthetic. The gazarou are docile despite their fierce appearance. Worshipped in many parts of Mayana, Sherka the Benevolent is one of the seitarius who created the realms.

The kapizer is a horned monkey native to Malin. Its spine contain poison which, during the One Realm Era, could trigger paralysis, coma, and even death. Due to unknown reasons, the poison grew extremely week after the Great Toranic Separation. A single spin can now, at most, induce a few hours of sleep.

The manikai is a tusked sea tortoise native to Mayana. The jewels on its back are extremely valuable, moreso than common diamonds, for they have the ability to store and amplify chitronic energy. Due to unknown reasons, the properties of their jewels grew weaker after the Great Toranic Separation.

Legend of the seitarius

As recounted in the Chorus of Creation, the planetary beasts, known as the seitarius, are beings comprised entirely of chitronic energy, birthed during a massive explosion when two opposite spinning chitrons collided. The seitarius created the world and all life on it, as narrated in the Chorus:

The megarya breathed the stars and skies,

kindled the sun, and sculpted the moon.

The nagamor belched forth fire and ice,

stirring up seas deep blue as its plume.

The gazarou coaxed trees and plants to rise,

seeded the earth and set it abloom.

The vandraghor wove of its own device,

dark to brighten the stars with its gloom.

Depictions of the seitarius

Despite being nameless and ungendered, the seitarius came to be worshipped by humanity as gods and goddesses, taking on the following names and genders:

  • Sorken the Majestic, planetary megarya (male)

  • Sherka the Benevolent, planetary gazarou (female)

  • Azyaka the Fierce, planetary nagamor (female

  • Andraken the Undaunted, planetary vandraghor (male)

The seitarius are depicted in various myths as siblings, although like their names and genders, this is but an attempt at anthropomorphism; the nature of their relationship is not one that can be understood in human terms.

Mixed soul-spins

While this next fact is oft overlooked in scriptures—which depict Andraken as wholly evil and Sorken as wholly good—it is important to note that none of the seitarius were comprised of entirely clockwise or entirely counterclockwise spinning chitrons. Rather they were each a mix of both, in varying ratios. In terms of ratio, the megarya is said to have possessed the highest proportion of clockwise chitrons and the vandraghor the least.


A living legacy

The great beasts that populate the realms—the common megarya, gazarou, nagamor, and vandraghor—are offspring of their planetary predecessors and thus possess a small fragment of their power. This gives them certain miraculous abilities, such as the inherent property of gazarou fur to heal any nature of injury almost instantly.

Slumber and awakening

After their work of creation was complete, the planetary beasts—once vast as stars—shrunk to a fraction of their original size. They sought to slumber, leaving the world they had poured so much of their essence into to those who would now populate it. Andraken the vandraghor burrowed into the darkest, deepest core; while Azyaka curled around the fiery mantle. Sherka dug herself a cave in the crust. Freer than the others, Sorken fled to the skies and took residence in the moon so he could orbit the earth from afar.

Several scholars believe that this slumber was meant to be eternal; for the waking of the seitarius, due to their sheer size even after shrinking, would trigger cataclysmic natural disasters. However, the great war that plagued the One Realm forced the seitarius to awaken and interfere, lest everything they created end in utter ruin... and their attempt to save the world culminated in the Great Toranic Separation, where human and beast were split into four realms based on soul-spin.

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