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Meizan - unfortunate destiny

命残 残酷な運に生まれた子


The below two paragraphs contain minor spoilers for the first 4 chapters of SPIN OF FATE; Japanese translation above differs slightly in meaning from English.

Meizan was born in the lower realm of Malin, as a member of the warrior clan Kanjallen. Abandoned by his parents when he was a toddler, Meizan was raised by his ruthless clanmates, and forced to become a fighter at a young age in order to survive the life of violence that had been thrust upon him. Yet Meizan did not hate his life, for it was all he knew, and he never realized there were those who had it much better.

Fiercely loyal to his clan, Meizan was devastated when he returned from a hunt to find their village razed by enemy soldiers and his clanmates missing—presumably taken as prisoners. His goal became to find and free them... but in a land swarming with enemies, how could a lone warrior like him come close?

All art on this page was created by me, Ambika Nagino, using Procreate. The above image was inspired by some of my favorite manga databooks, and I wanted to try creating something in a similar style. This version of Meizan underwent several revisions, and you can see the older (and far less polished) versions here.

This next image was my attempt at something more realistic, although I am afraid it turned out rather generic looking. The skin in particular was challenging, since most tutorials I saw were for flawless, glowing skin. In my head, I imagined something grittier and less perfect, but unfortunately I don't quite have the art skills to pull that kind of texture off yet. Of the main character art it is still my favorite and the one I probably pored over the most painstakingly. Perhaps in the future I'll have better versions of these, with more dynamic expressions and poses rather than 'staring off wistfully in the distance'.

All images on this page belong to me, but anyone is free to use them for non-commercial purposes as long as they provide the appropriate credit.

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